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Venturina Thermal Baths

Venturina Thermal Baths

The most important thermal center of Val di Cornia

In the heart of the Alta Livorno Maremma, in Val di Cornia, just a few minutes from the coastal Park of Rimignano and the Archeological Park of Populonia and Baratti, are situated the thermal baths of Venturina which origins date back to the Etruscan. Venturina Thermal Baths is a village situated 9 km far from the municipality of Campiglia Marittima.

From Caldana and Aquae Populoniae to Venturina Thermal Baths

Venturina Thermal Baths, despite its recent name dating back to the 19th century, were known by the Etruscans as “Caldana“, or “warm earth” for the health properties its waters (36℃). This site was called then from the Romans “Acqua Populoniae”. After decades of neglect, it followed in the 19th century a period of rebirth and prosperity with the opening in the town of a railway station. Today is one of the most appreciated thermal center of Italy.

The thermal Park of Venturina

The Venturina Thermal Park covers almost 60 hectares surrounded by the hills of Val Cornia, from where you can enjoy the view of the blue sea. Here, the sulphurous Aquae Populoniae at a temperature of 36°C, flow into a huge underground river which water are rich in minerals contained in limestone, from where come out naturally in two craters: Caldana and the small Bottaccio lake also known with the name of the wellness center of Calidario. Today’s spa complex consisted of a main building where you can enjoy many treatments and exceptional moments of relax. For more

How to get to Venturina Thermal Baths

From SS1 Aurelia, exit at Venturina direction Venturina / Piombino Porto. Follow the signs to Suvereto and exit SS398 of Val di Cornia. Continue to the SP39 Old Aurelia. Continue to Viale della Fiera and follow the signs for the Spa center.

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