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Scarlino, between sea and earth

Scarlino rises on the north slope of Monte d’Alma, from its highlands giving a wonderful view of Elba island and Corsica. The towns territory covers a large part of the gulf of Follonica that extends from the inland and the Pecora lowlands, to the regions of Castiglione della Pescaia, Gavorrano and Massa Marittima.
Part of the county are also the fraction of Scarlino Scalo, a small but lively and industrious town, and the wonderfu seaside community of Puntone.

Treasure of Maremma In 2014 the community of Scarlino initiated a contest to make a promotional video. The published video is the result of this contest. Title: Treasure of Maremma, Direction and editing: Leonardo Becuzzi, Music: riccardo Nucci.

Published by the Community of Scarlino on Tuesday 1 March 2016

The archeological and technological park of the metallic Grossetan hills

The park is made up of the region of the seven communities north of the province of Grosseto: Follonica, Gavorrano, Massa Marittima, Montieri, Monterotondo Marittimo, Roccastrada and Scarlino, and was born from the desire to safeguard the places of mining activities, and the testaments to them, of the Grossetan hills.
In each of the seven towns there are points of access to the park, the so-called Porte del Parco, which allow with various activities to get closer to the experience of the mining life and to get to know the riches of the landscape and the historical testamony of the region.

Scarlino in history

Scarlino has remote origins dating back to the bronze age and was most likely home to Etruscan settlements and a flourishing commercial hub in the Roman age thanks to the construction in Puntone of an important hub, Portus Scabris, used for trade in iron material, oil and tableware with Elba island.
In the medieval period it was ruled by the Aldobrandeschi and later passed on to the Republic of Pisa, and to the small state of Piombino to be annexed, with the congress of Vienna, to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. At the end of the 19th century the discovery of veins of pyrite changed these places in a sensible way.

The necropolis and the Rocca Pisana

A little further away from Scarlino on the road that goes from Puntone to Castiglione della Pescaia you can visit the Etruscan necropolis of Poggio Tondo and the remains of an ancient farm. The findings of the archeological site can be admired in Scarlino, at the Centro di Documentazione del Territorio per gli etruschi.

The Rocca Pisana, overlooking the region, gives from its height a wonderful panoramic view of the amazing coast and the valley of the Pecora river. The Centro di Documentazione del Territorio “Riccardo Francovich houses the permanent exhibition “Il Tesoretto di Scarlino”: 100 gold coins dating back to the 15th century, hidden for centuries in an old church.

Wine, chestnuts and oil

In the many restaurants you can try traditional Maremman dishes. This extraordinary natural environment together with the constant efforts of man yield products of high quality: the chestnuts, whose harvest is celebrated in october with the parade of the Chestnut and the Pig, an excellent oil and the wine that benefits from various DOC producers.
he Road of Wine and Flavors of Monteregio di Massa Marittima includes also Scarlino in its itinerary, in discovery of excellency, in these places where nature and history create enchanting scenarios.
How to get to Scarlino
From Via Aurelia bis, take the exit Scarlino, direction Follonica. From SS1, exit Scarlino. At the roudnabout turn right for Follonica. Follow SP152 for 800m.

How to get to Scarlino

From Via Aurelia bis, take the exit Scarlino, direction Follonica. From SS1, exit Scarlino. At the roudnabout turn right for Follonica. Follow SP152 for 800m.

Activities and attractions in Scarlino
Appointments and events in Scarlino

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