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Concentration and precision

Archery is an ancient art that involves concentration, confidence and precision. For those who want to learn this discipline, the Maremma, with its open spaces and its quiet, is the ideal place to learn to hit the target.

Archery lessons and courses

In the field within the Regional Park of Maremma, as well as in other different structures it is possible to practice archery.

Lessons can be booked at Camping Maremma Sans Souci where archery is divided into two specialties: FITA (Federation archery), better known as the Olympic shooting. This takes place in confined spaces and in safety, aiming at stationary targets with predefined distances.

The second specialty is FIARC (Field Archery Federation), which takes place along a simulated hunting with silhouettes of threedimensional life-size.

Map of recommended firing ranges

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