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Massa Marittima

Massa Marittima

 A jewel of architecture

Massa Marittima is the historical capital of the mining territory of the Metalliferous Hills in the Alta Maremma (in Massa Marittima is it also possible to visit the mine) and lies just a few kilometers from the sea and 20 minutes from Follonica.

 Gem of the 14th century

Massa Marittima has been inhabited since prehistoric periods as evidenced by well- preserved remains at the Archaeological Museum. The town, which reached its maximum splendor between 13th and 14th century, is divided into three zones: Città Vecchia, Città Nuova planned in 1228, and Borgo, dominated by the fortress of Siena.

The Cathedral

The lovely Piazza Garibaldi is the square at the centre of the old town. Here particularly elegant buildings
stand out, including the Cathedral and the Palazzo Comunale.
The Cathedral of Massa Marittima, built between 1287 and 1304, is one of the most beautiful examples of the Romanesque-gothic architecture. The construction turns out raised on a podium with stairs and is arranged diagonally regarding the rest of the square. The inside in three apse is supported by columns in travertine with fine carved Corinthian capitals. Dedicated to Saint Cerbone, the Cathedral dominates the square with its harmony and composure.

The old town buildings

In front of the façade of the Cathedral it’s the beautiful Praetorian Palace built in 1225 in Romanesque style like residence of the authority, of which conserves numerous coats of arms, today it’s used as Archaeological Museum of Massa Marittima. The Praetorian Palace is situated near another beautiful building, the Town Hall which dates back to the 13th- 14th century, actually the result of the fusion of several medieval towerhouses.

The new town

By the left side of the city council, via Moncitini brings to the new town which we reach out from the double arch the Silici Door from the 14th century. Matteotti square is the New Town heart, with its huge Clock Tower also known as Candlestick Tower, rest of the old fortress joined in 1337 to the Senese Fortress.

How to get to Massa Marittima

From S.P. 158 Collacchie take direction Follonica, by Puntone continuing towards SP60 of Scarlino. Then
follow to Via Massetana direction Massa Marittima.

Activities and attractions in Massa Marittima
Appointments and events in Massa Marittima

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