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Scansano, not only wine

The small town of Scansano soars on a highground north of the hills of Albegna and Fiora in an area rich in archeological finds from the Etruscan and roman periods.
Scansano owes its fame mostly to the wine that’s produced here, by now fo international fame; the Morellino di Scansano, excellent DOCG red wine produced with Sagiovese and Alicante grapes.
The cultivation of grapevines in the Maremman hills has ancient origins and the excellence of today is the result of a long process that goes back to the time of the etruscans and romans.
The Museum of the vine and the wine, at Palazzo Pretorio, in the center of Scansano, allows you to take this trip through time. In the various sections you can get to know the evolution of the cultivation of grapevines in Maremma from the ancient times and get relevant information to the six DOC wines of lower maremma: the Morellino, Parrina, Ansonica, Pitigliano white, Capalbio and Sovana.
Inside the museum there’s a space set up for the tasting of wine and local products supplied by the companies of the association “Roads of wine and flavors of the hills of Maremma” of which Scansano is a fundamental part.

Scansano through history: Ghiaccio Forte and Aia Nova

The Archeological Museum that shares exhibition space with the Museum of Wine and Vine, inside the Palazzo Pretorio, houses finds related to the presence of man in the Maremman hills in antiquity together with those of the Etruscan and Roman eras found in the two most important archeological sites of the region: Ghiaccio Forte and Aia nova.
In the Ghiaccio Forte site, the excavations have brought to light the entire perimeter wall, an important building likely for public use, the remains of various homes and a votive stipe together with numerous objects used in agriculture and animal husbandry.
The roman villa of Aia Nova, in the town of Ripacci, had an extraordinary structure: a grand porch with various storehouses, different private rooms, a large room of representation and the spas made of rooms with different temperatures.

The walls and the castles

In medieval times Scansano was primarily territory of the Aldobrandeschi family and over the course of the centuries passed down to the Sforza and Medici families.
Of this past remain the walls with magnificent 15th century tower and the Porta Grossetana and the three castles around the town: the Montorgiali and Montepò castles, capably restored, and the ruins of the Cotone castle.

How to get there

From the north: take the autostrada del Sole A1, get off at Firenze Certosa, merge onto the superstrada Firenze-Siena, continue on the ring road Siena Ovest towards Grosseto, continue on the SS 1 Aurelia, get off at Grosseto Est, then follow directions for Scansano.
From the south: near Rome take the autostrada A12, get off at Civitavecchia, continue on the SS 1 Aurelia towards Grosseto, past Orbetello turn for Scansano.

Activities and attractions in Scansano
Appointments and events in Scansano

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