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Gavorrano is located in the province of Grosseto, on the northern slope of Monte d’Alma in a region particularly rich in pyrite veins.

Gavorrano in history

since the time of the Etruscans.
In the medieval period it was the object of battles between the communities of Massa and Siena until it was definitively annexed by the latter and later by the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.
But it was the discovery at the end of the 19th century of one of the most important pyrite veins that changed the fate of this historic town.
Gavorrano became a mining center of extraordinary importance, and experienced an amazing urban and demographical development.
After closure of the mines, Gavorrano reinvented itself as a tourist location of Grossetan Maremma thanks to the presence of the wonderful places to visit in the surroundings and the valuing of the places where the mining activities took place.
“Siena made me, Maremma undid me”
Castel di Pietra just outside of Gavorrano is a magical and legendary place: here the death of Pia dei Tolomei by the hands of husband Nello Pannocchieschi seems to have taken place. So tells Dante in Canto V of Purgatory, and although there isn’t a historical record of the existence and death of said Pia dei Tolomei, since forever this has been the place where this unhappy soul of purgatory met their death.

Naturalistic Mining Park of Gavorrano

The Naturalistic Mining Park of Gavorrano was founded in 2003 with the intention of not forgetting the past of mining activities and to preserve these places, giving them a new life.
Two mining areas can be visited: the Parco delle Rocce and the area of Ravi Marchi. The parco delle Rocce owes its name to its significant position inside a rock quarry that was necessary for the filling of empty mines. In this area you can visit the Museo in Galleria, a modern underground multimedia museum that allows you to retrace the work day of the miners with its interesting reconstruction of various spaces.
In the mining area of Ravi marchi, you can follow the entire process of the working of pyrite, from the extraction to the moment of transport, on the conveyor belt, to the transformation processes. The Bacini di San Giovanni and the Monte Calvo, the highest peak of the county, located between the Siti di Interesse Comunitario (SIC) indicated in the Region of Tuscany, are the wonders of nature positioned in the park.

The Teatro delle Rocce

Within the park the Teatro delle Rocce, a unique cultural space, was established for charm and magic: inside the small semi-circular quarry at the foot of the larger quarry of San rocco, evokes the classic shape of an old Greek theater. It has become a cultural space used for theatrical performances, music nights, dance spectacles, concerts, conventions, art exhibits and large events.

How to get to Gavorrano

From Follonica: Strada Provinciale Puntone
Strada Provinciale Aurelia Vecchia/SP152.

Attività e attrazioni a Gavorrano
Appuntamenti ed eventi a Gavorrano

Febbraio, 2023

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