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From iron city to beach resort

In the 6th century the major centre for the processing of the iron extracted on the Elba Island was the Gulf of Follonica, so that in 1546 the Apians decided to build here a foundry.
After 1836 the town became the primary iron-working headquarters, when Leopold II established the administrative center of the foundries in the area. The iron foundry closed in the 1960s and since then its strategic position have also produced a thriving tourist trade that make of Follonica one of the most popular seaside resorts in Tuscany.

Saint Leopold Church and the old foundry

Fine examples of cast iron can be seen around town as a result of religious architecture in cast iron. Look for intricate designs on the Saint Leopold Church and the former Ilva foundry, closed in 1963, today as part of Follonica cultural and seat of Maremma Cast Iron Art Museum.

Follonica civic art gallery

Follonica is an interesting art centre with the Civic Art Gallery “Amedeo Modigliani”, located on its lively seafront. The permanent collection contains more than 180 works by contemporary artists such as Pablo PicassoPietro Annigoni, Salvador Dalì.

How to get to Follonica

From SS1 Aurelia exit Follonica Est and follow the signs to the city center.

Activities and attractions in Follonica
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