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Acquagiusta Wine

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La cantina

della Tenuta La Badiola

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Vino ed Olio

di Maremma

Acquagiusta Wine, la Badiola keep: the cellar that transforms maremma into wine

Tenuta La Badiola

Wine of the Tenuta la Badiola


A project, that of the La Badiola estate, that from the start has based itself on research and experimentation, with consideration for the climate and complex existing natural factors. Water, soil, climate, sun and wind, are some of the main elements that are taken into account to understand the interaction with the vineyard, to decide exposure of the plants and communicate with the different personalities of the vines and the wines. Today there are around 20 hectares of cultivated vineyards, composed mainly of the vineyards of Vermentino, Viogner, Cabernet Sauvignon, mertlot, Alicante and Syrah, all concentrated in a single body, divided into two specific parts, to the west and east respectively.

Tenuta La Badiola | Acquagiusta Wine

Casa dell'Acquagiusta


On the Badiola estate in Castiglione della Pescaia, Tina and Luca manage the shop that carries the name of the associated winery. You can try the wines and oils produced here, accompanied by delicious bruschette and typical Maremman cold cuts, and buy them!

Good wine and Maremma, perfect duo


Based on the studies done, the western vineyard of Tenuta la Badiola, with the Vermentino and the Viogner, has been the place of production for grapes for white wines. In fact, this piece of land was once crossed by the Acquagiusta spring, and presents a soil poor in main elements, while in contrast rich with bones and mineral substances. Visibly distinguishable by the light color of the soil, the latter causes absorbence of heat, moderating it and creating the conditions for the vegetative activity. In the lighter soils a higher residual humidity (owing to the dispersion of heat) together with a slightly shorter vegetative phase favor the growth period of the grape bunch with increased enrichment of white wines.
As far as the eastern vineyard goes, again based on experimentation, the planted grapevines are those (Cabernet Sauvignon, Alicante, Merlot e Syrah) for the production of red and rosé wines. Here the different analyses have in fact encountered a notable presence of nutritional elements in a darker soil, capable of absorbing more warmth. As such the radical activity of the plant is notably influenced, prolonging the vegetative activity and with it generating a positive delay in the maturation with the right accumulation of the components that favor the production of a good red wine.

Acquagiusta Wine - Wine of Maremma
  • Acquagiusta Vermentino

  • Tenuta La Badiola | Acquagiusta Wine | Vermentino di Maremma

    • Color Straw yellow color with tenuous greenish shades
    • PerfumeScent of floral and fruity notes, pleasant legume background
    • Flavor Fragrant flavor, delicat with an important acidity that confers freshness and pleasant to drink. Interesting, round and prolonged persistency.
    • Grapes100% Vermentino grapes

  • Acquagiusta Rosato

  • Tenuta La Badiola | Acquagiusta Wine | Rosato di Maremma

    • Color Mature onion skin color
    • PerfumeScent of red fruits and spiced and balsamic notes of the mediterranean vegetation.
    • FlavorVigorous and at the same time elegant flavor, excellent balance of acidity and softness. Structured to the palate with a persistend and aromatic aftertaste.
    • Grapes00% Alicante grapes

  • Acquagiusta Rosso

  • Tenuta La Badiola | Acquagiusta Wine | Rosso di Maremma

    • Color Intense ruby red color
    • PerfumeScent of small preserved red fruits with intense spiced and balsamic notes of the mediterranean vegetation.
    • FlavorScent of small preserved red fruits with intense spiced and balsamic notes of the mediterranean vegetation.
    • Grapes35% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Syrah grapes

  • Acquagiusta Acquadoro

  • Tenuta La Badiola | Acquagiusta Wine | Acquadoro di Maremma

    • Color Straw color, intense..
    • PerfumeIntense scent with spiced and balsamic notes of juniper flowers and myrtle leaf after a storm. Mineral notes that remind of broken rocks.
    • FlavorElegant flavor, delicate, with a roundness of alcohol and acidity that confers balance and persistency.
    • Grapes100% Viognier grapes

Acquagiusta Wine - Oil of Maremma
  • Acquagiusta And'Olio

  • Tenuta La Badiola | Acquagiusta Wine | And'Olio | And'olio di Maremma

    • Color Yellow color with shades of green.

    • Perfume Fruity scent, net of olive with herbaceous hints.
    • Flavor Sweet opening flavor and leaves room for a delicate charge of bitter and light spiciness with interesting herbaceous fragrances.

Beside the pleasure of a good glass of wine there are other things that can transport us with equal delight and maybe even more satisfaction, to the origins of the wine and its intense relationship with the earth, the climate, the soil and the resources of a place. These characteristics belong to the region, to every region, both in the north and the south of Italy, Lombardy and Tuscany. They are a combination of fctors that form an unusual and moving geography, an image together with others that becomes a visoin, a kind of narration that takes the form of wine. A multidimensional wine that, for the Gruppo Terra Moretti and its global agricultural and enological vision, presence in the region and surroundings of other regions, has always signified a labor of paradigms and innovative quality. All this has been defined by the vineyard research models, more and more sustainable, respecting nature and in harmony with the history of the place and its enological and agricultural savoir-faire. As such it is a way of life, besides a choice of production, with a dynamic vision of the region, that can be measured by the history and economy of the locale, but also with the culture, identity, landscape and gastronomic traditions of each place..

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