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Saturnia Thermal Baths

Saturnia Thermal Baths

Saturnia Thermal Baths

The world famous Saturnia

The natural sulphurous waters of Saturnia, a small town in the municipality of Manciano, are famous for the rehabilitation and treatment of digestive, skin, musculoskeletal system. Saturnia have always been very popular for its generous hot springs but also for its exclusive position on the top of a high hill.

The oldest town on the peninsula

According to some legends Saturnia was the first town founded in the Italian Peninsula in honor of the god Saturn, on a massive boulder of travertine, between Albegna River and the Stellata stream. Its origins are extremely ancient dating back to the 20th century BC by the Pelasgians (pre-Hellenic population of unknown origin). The presence of ancient stone walls in polygonal-shape and colored travertine can be traced back to this period.

Lose yourself at the spa and into the past

Historical Etruscan remains show that Saturnia is a very ancient city. The site is believed to have been continuously inhabited as a city since at least the end of the 8th century BC. Therefore Saturnia was called in ancient times Aurinia. In 280 BC it was conquered and colonized by the Romans, surrounding the town by walls. The columns in the main piazza capture the essence of the Roman Empire. Forgotten for several centuries, Saturnia was rediscovered and underwent a new development with the domain of Cosimo I de’ Medici.
The large amount of finds from the Etruscan, Roman, Middle Ages and Renaissance also evidence the millennial history of this town.

Saturnia legend

The legend regarding the birth of Saturnia tells that the god Saturn found refuge there, driven away from Olympus because of his misdeeds. Angry with the people who were always at war with each other, he sent a thunderbolt to earth, giving life to a magic spring of warm sulphur water to annihilate them. In the Middle Ages the hot vapors of the thermal waters were associated with sin and voluptuousness, and the sources were identified with the gates of Hell.

Natural Falls and Resort

The Mill Falls are natural pools that has become one the of the symbols of this region. These waterfalls flows at 37.5°C all year round onto the travertine rock below. A luxurious resort has built around them offering all kinds of health and Spa treatments.
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How to get to Saturnia Thermal Baths

About 1 hour from Grosseto, direction Valle del Fiora, take the SP159 Scansanese and the SP10 Follonata Montemerano-Saturnia, following the signs for the Saturnia thermal baths.


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