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The ideal vacation in Tirli for lovers of nature

The ideal vacation in Tirli for lovers of nature

Tirli in the area of Maremma in Grosseto is surrounded by wonderful woods, the ideal place to spend several days immersed in nature.


Tirli, small medieval village

Fraction of the county of Castiglione della Pescaia, Tirli is a small and nice village surrounded by dense woods and lush vegetation. The village was founded around 800 a.C. Becoming in the 17th century seat of an important congregation of Agostinians, the Convent of Sant’Agostino.
You can visit the Church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo in the main square of the town, in roman style with baroque altars. The historic center is from medieval times and certainly deserves a visit, to get immersed in moving atmospheres of the past.

History, traditions, and legends in the woods of Maremma

The wonderful woods that surround Tirli, of chestnut and oak, that grow wonderfully lush, are inhabited by boar, hare, fox, deer and pheasant. Here you can have long walks to regenerate and enjoy wonderful panoramas.
In these woods is the Eremo di Sant’Anna, a religious building of rectangular layout, even today much frequented by believers and particularly women. In fact it is told that drinking from the contiguous spring of Eremo, the spring of Sant’Anna, symbol of fertility, one receives the grace of the saint of fertility.

On holiday to try the typical specialties of Maremma

Tirli as all of Maremma is a land rich in quality culinary products, and benefits from traditions in wine and food of the highest level. It has a cuisine particularly tied to the region, with simple and pure ingredients.
Of particular note are the Tortelli Maremmani, the broths and sauces of game such as hare or boar. Excellent cheeses and cured meats. But standing out above all else are the extra virgin olive oil and the wine, the true excellencies of the region.

In the streets of Tirli they play Palla 21

Old game of tradition, played in the small towns of Tuscan Maremma, in the provinces of Siena and Grosseto. This game gets its name from the characteristic exclamation “eh” which the pitcher and battter utter to start the game. The game is won by the team that wins two out of three sets, to win a set 21 points are needed. For a playing field the street, a square, or any street wide enough are chosen and the game is on.
The ball of the game is a lead ball, covered in thick woollen yarn, in turn covered by a piece of soft tough leather that is carefully hand-sown. People organize tournaments and games, and the importance of this sports discipline is nationally recognized insofar as to be included in the Coni and the Italian Pallapugno Federation

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