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Xpress Open Air

Xpress Open Air

Xpress Open Air is the activity to do outdoors to stay in shape and increase your well-being. Its benefits make the body more beautiful and in harmony.
This type of activity is aimed towards athletes as well as those who are out of practice because it’s made up of scalable sessions, modifiable based on the shape you’re in and suitable for any prior physical preparation, sedentary included, allowing anyone to get the appropriate training.
Xpress Open Air is also for kids who, through an activity combining sport and play, can have fun in groups in the open air in nature.
The end goal is to improve general physical form and adapt it to the practiced specialty, so that the whole body is exercised in a natural way.
The activity is practiced preferably in groups in the open air and the beach of Surfrelax Beach of Castiglione della Pescaia and Wind Beach of the OWC Talamone put their spaces at disposal to offer the chance to have fun and train in the open air guided by qualified instructors.
Giacomo Giulietti

Tel: +39 335 330471


Facebook: Xpress. Il Tuo Sport Fatto Meglio.

Instagram: Xpress. Il Tuo Sport Fatto Meglio.


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