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Vacation on Elba island

Vacation on Elba island

Your trip to discover Elba island, unique sensations and incontaminated nature, enchanted beaches and a spectacular sea.

isola d'elba
Spiaggia di Fetovia – Isola d’Elba

Elba island, the biggest island of the Tuscan archipelago

With its 147 kilometers of coastline it offers its visitors a variety of beaches and landscapes. Going from the golden to the black sand beaches and those of white pebbles, to the granite cliffs. All surrounded by an emerald sea and depths of incredible beauty and naturalistic importance, protected and safeguarded to preserve the integrity and biodiversity.
The inland is characterized by typical mediterranean vegetation and inhabited by numerous bird species like the seagull, eagle, falcon, owl and many more, a true paradise for enthusiasts and academics.

Visit the island immersed in nature

Elba island is not only the biggest island of the Tuscan archipelago but is also the most populated and most touristic of the seven islands. Easily reached from the port of Piombino, there’s various docks and its heterogeneity of landscapes leaves the visitor free to choose that which lines up best with their idea of vacation.
There’s many sports activities to practice from the timeless and never boring cycling, with marked paths littered with panoramic views from which to enjoy the wonderful landscapes. For lovers of water sport it’s possible to dive to the depths or near the surface and to swim in the company of colorful fish that inhabit this spectacular stretch of sea.
You can also experience the thrill of surfing and windsurfing, guaranteed fun for both experts and beginners. For the more reckless you can challenge the tempestuous waters of the rocky currents by kayak. This and much more is offered by Elba island.

The island of exile of Napoleon

The history of the island is obscured by the mists of time, inhabited since the time of the Phoenicians and the Etruscans who made it into an important center for the extraction of minerals and ironworking. Having experienced different rules, from the romans, the Genovese and the Florentines, to the Spanish, the French, and the English, every civilization has left marks of its stay and these are still visible today.
The most illustrious guest of the island was undoubtedly Napoleon who was here exiled after defeat and remained for a brief period, around ten months, and left indelible signs in the history of the island. Today you can visit the Museums of the Napoleonic Residences, the Villa dei Mulini and the Villa San Martino where he stayed. The construction of the wonderful Vigilanti Theater is also owed to him, still active and continuously functioning today to play host to a rich programme of spectacles.

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