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On holiday in the village of Populonia

On holiday in the village of Populonia

To spend a vacation in the most beautiful towns of Tuscany come to Populonia. The only city of the twelve Etruscan towns facing the sea, maintaining its charm from the glorious past.


Populonia, natural beauty and a millennia-long history

The only Etruscan outpost facing the sea, and an important and powerful center in antiquity, has experienced historical moments of expansion and development, centuries of decline and obscurity, until in recent history it became a fraction of the larger community of Piombino.
The Etruscan city has developed thanks to the skillful art of working iron, extracted from the quarries of the nearby Elba island. Populonia is gracefully posited on a promontory overlooking the gulf of Baratti, an enchanting nature area. There are many panoramic views where you can admire the beauty of the village, between an unpolluted nature and a spectacular sea.

The castle of Populonia

The town has preserved almost intact the medieval fortifications built by order of the Signori of Piombino around 1200. This medieval castle was built for defensive purposes and is characterized by a semi-circular tower and from inside is overlooked by another tall tower of medieval construction.
The walled perimeter has a rectangular layout, with walkways all around. The Rocca is completely one with the walls of the town.

The Archeological Park of Baratti and Populonia

The park extends for about 80 hectares within the town of Piombino and it’s possible to follow various paths that allow you to see the necropolis of San Cerbone. Among the most important sights there is the tomb of the Carri, a tomb with a drum of 28 meters in diameter, one of the largest cairns ever found.
Along the trail there’s also a number of temple tombs, of which the best preserved is the tomb of Bronzetto. In the middle of the park is the experimental archeological center “Davide Mancini”, interesting example of scientific disclosure dedicated to children and adults.

A vacation to discover the coast of the Etruscans with its wonderful sea

On this stretch of Tyrrhenian coastline it’s possible to enjoy a crystal clear sea surrounded by wild nature. The old-growth pine forests and the fast stretches of mediterranean vegetation form the background for a unique sea.
The beach of Baratti is known for its fine reddish sand, mostly freely accessible and ideal for lovers of the sea to enjoy with peace and quiet and makes for a tourist destination ideal for families with kids, who can safely have fun on these beaches.

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